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Food Bank of Iowa | News Updates

The Food Bank of Iowa
is a private, charitable,
not-for-profit organization
committed to our mission
of alleviating hunger
through food distribution,
partnership and education



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News and Events
  • 2014 Flashback- take a look at our top 14 moments of 2014

  • Hunger in America Study 2014- Food Bank of Iowa executive summary

  • Food Bank of Iowa distributes over 10 million pounds of food in 2014 fiscal year. Learn more here.

  • Welcome new partner agencies! Supply Closet, Graceland University in Lamoni and Cross Community Church in Warren County.


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Did You Know...
  • 1 in 8 Iowans are food insecure  


  • 1 in 5 Iowa children does not
    enough to eat  


  • 395,620 Iowans live at or below
    the poverty level


  • For every $1 donation, the
    Food Bank of Iowa can provide
    4 meals


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