As the pandemic continues to disrupt lives and livelihoods, people across Iowa are facing huge challenges. Among them is DeAnna’s family, who encountered deepening hardship after a divorce made hers a single-income family.

“Rent was 50 percent of my income,” she says. “[I had a] great job and health care but not enough to pay rent, utilities AND food.

“I was in a position that I never thought I’d be in. I remember putting 11 cents in my gas tank to get to work.”

Fortunately, DeAnna learned that nutritious food is always available to anyone facing the prospect of going hungry — thanks to kind support from friends like you.

“Food Bank of Iowa got us through a very rough time,” DeAnna says. “I cannot say enough about this service saving my family.”

Your support made a significant difference for DeAnna and her family during a very difficult time. She’s truly grateful for the compassion and generosity of friends like you who kept hope alive — and food on the table.

“Your service lifts people up from the edge,” she says. “I am forever thankful for what you did for me.”

Thank you for your partnership with Food Bank of Iowa and for being a lifeline to families like DeAnna’s who are struggling to afford food.