“I am choosing between paying bills and food right now.”

This is Crystal, mother of two growing kids. Currently, Crystal’s working, but she feels so much financial pressure that she’s applying for a second job. She hopes this one will help her afford groceries.

“When my kids are home, I spend every last dollar trying to provide them food… I even [ask] my neighbors to help me,” Crystal says.

Often, she skips meals so her children can eat. But now, as Crystal’s kids prepare to go back to school, the cost of returning to the classroom seems astronomical. There’s so much to pay for – new shoes, backpacks, school supplies, clothes – and it all adds up quickly.

“My youngest kid wants to go out for sports and I honestly can’t afford that. I don’t have the heart to tell them,” Crystal admits. “I sure don’t feel like a good mom.”

But thanks to partners like you, Crystal has support from the Belmond Mobile Pantry, where she and her family can pick up healthy ingredients for nutritious meals. With your help, there’s enough food to go around for everyone – something Crystal and her kids aren’t used to.

“I honestly don’t want to think of what I would do without this pantry,” Crystal says. “Thank you.”

Because of you, Crystal and her children have the nutritious food they need. Thank you for helping provide the healthy ingredients that will bring her family and families like hers success.