Finis, 51, and Bryan, 55, are part of a big, wonderful family with children who are mostly grown and independent. The couple is happy to live in the Bidwell community where kindness is never out of reach.

Like so many people, Finis lost her job as a forklift operator at the beginning of the pandemic. Bryan has been unable to work since he was shot while being robbed several years ago. The two have accomplished a lot on their own, but Bryan’s disability assistance is only enough to cover rent.

That’s why when Bryan and Finis needed help making ends meet, the two visited the Bidwell Riverside Center Pantry, a food pantry supplied with healthful items from Food Bank of Iowa. The couple feels so lucky to be part of a community that helps neighbors in times of need.

“I really appreciate this place,” Finis says. “To have a place that helps people in need is a blessing.”

To pay forward the community’s kindness, Bryan and Finis give extra food to their neighbors when they can. The couple knows how hard it is to get by on a limited income – and how welcome assistance is whenever possible.

Thank you for supporting Iowans like Finis and Bryan. You are providing pantries like Bidwell Riverside Center Pantry with the nutritious items people need to stay healthy and happy this holiday season.