Viola Jones and her team of friends are incredible leaders who took action after identifying the need for food assistance in our community. Together, these volunteers keep Cottage Pantry open, a community-led food pantry for children, families, and individuals in need.

When Cottage Pantry first began, its volunteers were working out of a radio station. There was no heating, which made serving the community during cold Iowa winters hard. Viola and her team were thankful for their time in the radio station, but now are enjoying their new building that has heat and air conditioning to keep volunteers and guests comfortable year-round.

Another bump in the road was Covid-19, though Viola and her friends adapted quickly. To limit the amount of contact between patrons and volunteers, the women had cars drive up to the door to place food orders.

Time and time again, Viola and her team of volunteers have proven there’s nothing Cottage Pantry can’t take on when it has the support of its community!

The nutritious food at Cottage Pantry shared with as many neighbors as possible comes from Food Bank of Iowa, which you make possible with your generous support.

“The food we receive from Food Bank of Iowa helps our town immensely,” Viola shares. “There are people in need, and we are thankful our community can keep helping them.”

Thank you to volunteers like Viola and her friends who are always swift to act. To read a story from Cottage Pantry, turn to page 8 to meet Cheryl.