If you volunteer at Food Bank of Iowa, you’ll be likely to meet Bob. He’s a “core volunteer,” ready to lead any initiative in the hope of helping more neighbors who are facing hunger.

Bob credits his father with fostering his desire to help others. Bob’s dad grew up in poverty, but went on to play professional football for the Green Bay Packers.

“Dad was an unselfish person. [He] motivated my brother and me to think about what we have and how [to] help people with our gifts. The lesson stayed with us. It’s part of our family’s DNA to help others.”

And the needs across Iowa in the wake of the pandemic are huge. Bob says, “There’s so much [hunger] out there. Some people literally have to choose between heat for their home or eating. It makes you realize how fortunate most of us are.”

He admits that, “Food insecurity doesn’t feel real until you see it live and in person. People [are] in tough situations, especially with kids — it’s heartbreaking.”

In addition to donating his time, Bob and his wife are proud financial supporters of Food Bank of Iowa and recently made a gift in memory of Bob’s dad and the sacrifices he made to help others throughout his life.

Sincere thanks to Bob for supporting Food Bank of Iowa as more neighbors seek help to put nutritious food on the table. Volunteers are the foundation of all we are able to do!