David Kline serves an important volunteer role with the Food  Bank of Iowa: food rescue driver. Twice a week, David uses the Food Bank of Iowa’s cargo van to pick up rescued food and bring it to the Food Bank for distribution. We asked David some questions about his role.

What led you to get involved with the Food Bank of Iowa? Honestly, after my second month of retirement I needed to get out of the house. My wife felt the same way i.e. getting me out of the house. I did an Internet search for “volunteers” and found several organizations that fit what I wanted. So initially, it was as much about me as it was about giving back, but the dedication of the people with whom I work and the objectives of the Food Bank changed that narrative for me.

Did you choose the food rescue role, or did a staff member ask you to fulfill that role?
Food Bank staff had several needs, food rescue being one. I volunteered to drive the Food Bank’s van to pick up bread from a warehouse twice a week. This eventually extended to picking up food from a Southside grocery store, then a drug store and then a business that re-packages potatoes for retail sales.

What has your experience been with this volunteer role?

It has been great. The Food Bank staff is fantastic (with a special shout-out to those in our distribution center) and the people I encounter are all caring individuals. No grouches! Once a week, I drop food off at the YMCA residential facility and they are always appreciative.

What was your initial reaction to seeing how much food was available for rescue?
Shameful. It’s far better to feed people than a landfill.

Any other impressions or thoughts you’d like to share?
If interested in helping feed those in need, the Food Bank of Iowa is a great option for volunteers. They need the help. I’ve always been treated respectfully and, as corny as it may sound, as a member of their family.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Food Bank of Iowa visit www.foodbankiowa.org/volunteer.