Linda Rufus 2

Every month, Linda calls 40 people in her apartment complex to remind them about their Friends with Food delivery.

“It makes me feel good to be able to help out and be an advocate for my friends and neighbors,” says Linda.

The Friends with Food program is a collaborative community effort in partnership with Food Bank of Iowa, St. Mark Lutheran Church, and the SALUD Multicultural Health Coalition of Storm Lake. Each month, the program delivers food and provisions to neighbors who are temporarily or permanently homebound or have difficulty accessing transportation.

In addition to serving as a volunteer, Linda also receives the monthly food deliveries to her apartment complex.

“I am grateful to Friends with Food and Food Bank of Iowa for the support that helps so many of us on limited incomes,” Linda says.

In spite of some health problems, Linda finds a way to help no matter what.

“Linda is one of our most reliable volunteers,” says Di Daniels, a Friends with Food coordinator. “She not only contributes hours of work to the program, but she also offers us valuable feedback and insight into how we can better serve our neighbors.”

Thank you for joining Linda to make sure all our neighbors have access to nutritious food.