Des Moines, IA, March 3, 2016 – Expanded federal tax incentives provide new opportunities for food producers to benefit from donations to food banks. New valuation structures and guidelines allow farmers and food producers to significantly increase the tax credits they may claim from food donations.

The allowable claim amount for charitable donations was raised from 10 percent to 15 percent, the formula for valuation of donated goods was revamped, and “cash method” farmers and other producers may now benefit in the same way as C corporations. Congress passed the changes in the December 2015 spending package.

“The expanded tax incentives are better for food producers and better for organizations like ours that receive donations,” said Danny Akright, communications manager for the Food Bank of Iowa. “When food producers get a greater benefit from the food they donate, food banks will see greater donations. The more fresh, nutritious food that we can provide to people in need, the better.”

In addition to raising the amount of claimable donations, the revamped valuation formula will provide food producers with a more accurate cost for the products they donate. Producers may now value donated goods by taking the cost of goods sold and adding one half the difference between the fair market value and the cost of goods sold. Prior to the changes, the producer could only claim the cost of goods sold. For example, a donated product has a cost of goods sold of $1 and a fair market value of $2. That product may now be valued at $1.50 when donated. The fair market value may be used even when the products do not meet internal standards.

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