IMG 8180 683x1024Guadalupe lives with and cares for her mom. She supports her as best she can, but it’s been tough these past few years. Like many other hardworking Iowans, Guadalupe’s job has been on and off because of the pandemic.

Too many Iowa incomes have diminished or disappeared. Some neighbors, like Guadalupe, can get a few hours in here and there, but it’s difficult to live on a fraction of what you made before.

Thankfully, Guadalupe heard about Knock and Drop Iowa, a Food Bank of Iowa partner agency that’s also the first food pantry in Iowa to serve the Latino community almost exclusively.

At Knock and Drop, culturally familiar food items – such as tortillas, Mexican squash, rice and beans – are available to families and individuals who need help making ends meet.

“Thank you for taking the time,” Guadalupe says to friends like you, our generous donors. “[Thank you for] sharing and for worrying about hungry people.”

As we continue to confront surging inflation rates, many neighbors won’t be able to keep up with the cost of living. Thank you for preparing to serve as many people as possible in the year ahead. Your generosity is a lifeline for many Iowans.