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Katelyn is a proud mother to three girls, ages 2, 6 and 7.  Her youngest daughter lives with spina bifida and requires special care — something Katelyn is grateful she can provide.

She’s also grateful when her fiancé’s children, ages 10 and 11, come each weekend. But some months, she needs a little extra help keeping enough food on the table for all five children. That’s why she appreciates the Lamoni Food Pantry, a Food Bank of Iowa partner in her community.

“It’s nice to know I have somewhere to go to help make ends meet,” Katelyn said. “When I come here, I know I can have food. I would go without, but my kids — I don’t ever expect them to.”

Katelyn receives SNAP assistance, but it only goes so far. If it weren’t for your generosity, she wouldn’t have as much nutritious food for her family.

Katelyn said she visits the pantry a few times a year to pick up essential groceries, supplementing what she has in her cupboard at home with the fruits, vegetables, meat, cereal and other wholesome food available at the pantry.

“Thank you, 110%,” Katelyn says to donors like you who help stock the pantry. “It’s definitely appreciated.”

Thank you for your ongoing support that is helping neighbors facing hunger this winter. Your generosity is a lifeline for many families!