Mauricio, 24, is soft-spoken but the big smile spread across his face speaks louder than words.  

We met Mauricio on his first visit to the Creston Area Food Pantry, a Food Bank of Iowa partner, where he was picking up food for himself and his roommate, a veteran. 

“This kind of saved my life,” Mauricio said as he filled his shopping cart with cereal, eggs, fresh and canned vegetables, ground venison, yogurt, milk and much more.  

Recently, Mauricio lost his production job at a food manufacturer. The sudden loss of income has made it challenging to afford groceries on top of rent and other necessities. He’s still waiting to hear if he will qualify for SNAP benefits. 

Mauricio has been looking for a new job, but in the meantime, he’s grateful he can visit the food pantry to help him stay self-sufficient — and help his roommate, too. 

“I appreciate you a lot,” Mauricio says of donors like you who make it possible for him and many more neighbors to visit the food pantry.  

Thank you for your commitment to helping our neighbors access the food they need to thrive.