If you’re like me, yesterday’s unemployment filings report added another lightning bolt of reality. We are facing a steep/uphill climb as our fight against COVID-19 continues, and our economy shrinks. Fear is all around us as more and more people are out of work /  and in need of assistance.

I’ve talked to a mom who must leave her 9-year-old daughter home alone while she goes to work.  I’ve talked to aspiring entrepreneurs who see their businesses close and their dreams being dashed. I’ve talked to senior citizens who must choose between a trip to the grocery store / and the possibility of becoming terminally ill. 

These are just some of the choices that Iowans, Americans, and people all over the world are facing. COVID-19 has brought unimaginable personal and professional challenges to all of us, myself included.

We all miss the life we had just a couple of weeks ago. But, / this will not last. The day will come when we have beaten COVID-19, when we can once again hug our children, visit with friends, and can visit the businesses in our community we so love and support.

In the meantime, help is also all around us and I am energized and inspired by the hope I see here every day at Food Bank Of Iowa

Volunteers, many of whom we have never seen before, are showing up to serve our community. They are assembling emergency food packs, operating floor scrubbers, and running the Lysol line – all of which help provide food for so many that are without. Also, there are many caring individuals from all backgrounds sending financial contributions along with much-needed notes of support. Thank you.

I am grateful for the opportunity to lead an organization that is providing an essential service for the people of Iowa during this challenging time. The Food Bank of Iowa team continues to be upbeat, / energetic, / and innovative.  I am grateful for this fabulous team of hunger fighters.

I’d like to close by sharing some of the notes we have received from donors.

I’m fired up to help my fellow Iowans and I invite you to join me. $1 and I hour both make a huge difference. I encourage you to visit foodbankiowa.org to donate or sign up to volunteer.