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Sabrina loves her job at a local restaurant and works hard to make sure her family’s every need is met — including plenty of nutritious food. Recently, she moved her dad into her family’s home to provide him extra care.

Unfortunately, Sabrina’s husband is currently without work and looking for a new job. Left to pay the bills on Sabrina’s income alone, it’s difficult for the family to afford enough groceries for the household right now.

Thankfully, Sabrina discovered Lamoni Food Pantry, a Food Bank of Iowa partner.

We met Sabrina on her second visit to the food pantry. She says her daughter, Amelia, 5, loves the fruit, vegetables and parfait yogurt available at the pantry. Her son Marley, 7, enjoys the occasional pizza and healthy snacks.

Sabrina says she’s grateful for plentiful staples like pasta, sauce, meat, tuna and skillet dinners that help her prepare nutritious, balanced meals for the family.

Most of all, Sabrina appreciates the way she is welcomed at the pantry.

“They’re really nice,” she says of the volunteers. “I love that they give a birthday kit if someone has a birthday in the household.”

Sabrina enjoys baking and decorating the birthday cakes, making each family member’s day extra special. “Thank you,” she says to donors like you. “You have helped us a lot.”