Kmason 2

During a 29-year teaching career, Kathie Mason became all too familiar with the signs of hunger in the children she saw each day. After retirement, she found a way to help not only children, but Iowans of all ages.

Kathie began serving as a volunteer with Food Bank of Iowa and says she “fell into it and I just didn’t want to do anything else.”

“The more you’re there, the more you want to be there,” she says.

During her time there, Kathie says she has gotten to know a lot of people who work or volunteer with Food Bank of Iowa.

“The whole organization in my estimation is top notch and their heart and soul is feeding Iowans,” Kathie says. “That’s certainly where I want my time to go.”

Kathie says her food bank volunteer group has become like family, all working to accomplish as much as possible during each volunteer shift.

“Step out there and don’t be afraid to give it a try,” Kathie encourages potential volunteers.

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