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Charla is known in her community as “a worker,” which is why she was devastated to recently lose her job. She is grateful her partner is employed and her extended family of eight are all “pretty healthy,” but it is still hard to make ends meet. She said the family does not receive SNAP benefits. 

“We rely on the food pantry,” Charla says. “Without it, we’d probably be starving. There’s no doubt about that.” 

Charla learned about Lamoni Food Pantry, a Food Bank of Iowa partner, through a friend. She visits monthly to stock up on nutritious cereal, fresh produce, peanut butter, eggs, meat, milk and personal care products. The pantry has been a real lifeline, she said. On the day we visited, Charla was glad to be able to pick up the ingredients for tacos, her favorite meal to prepare. 

“Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help when you need it,” Charla says. “The people here are friendly. They welcome you in like family and have never judged me for anything.” 

Charla wants you to know how much her family appreciates your support of Food Bank of Iowa. Your generosity is making a real difference for Charla’s family and so many others facing hunger this season. 

“Receiving this food helps us more than you realize,” she says.