Jan Padavic Norwalk FB 3

Jan, 73, recently retired from a long and fulfilling career, but with two children, three grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren, life is still very full. And thanks to friends like you, she has nutritious food to fuel her busy days. 

“I just retired so I’m trying to get used to what that means,” says Jan, who has spent all her life in Iowa and the greatest part in Norwalk, where we met her. 

Part of Jan’s adjustment to retirement has been learning to budget with a fixed income. Money is tight, so she gets help with groceries at a Food Bank of Iowa partner. 

“Social Security provides only so much so I have to do something,” Jan says of her initial motivation to visit the Norwalk Area Food Pantry. “I come once or twice a month and it’s awesome.” 

The high cost of food, fuel and other necessities has strained Jan’s budget, she says — and inflation coincided with her retirement. 

Jan says she often donated to Food Bank of Iowa when she was still working, but didn’t realize at the time just how much help it provides for people in her community. Now, as someone who needs food assistance, Jan appreciates just how much your donations to Food Bank of Iowa mean. 

“This is a saving grace and I am very thankful,” she says. “If you can, please donate because it is doing so much good.”