The number 1 holds many different meanings. It can represent a beginning or new start. One often represents being “the best” or first place. To us at Food Bank of Iowa, $1 = four meals provided to Iowans facing food insecurity. Thanks to our friends at the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Iowa (HTCC) in Madrid, Iowa, we learned a new meaning of $1.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the members of HTCC wanted to support those who have been disproportionately affected by the virus. They created a team fundraising page through Food Bank of Iowa to help raise money for relief efforts. Several of the gifts from HTCC members and their community made donations ending in “1.” Here’s why:

Adding an extra ONE to any gift/donation amount is a tradition followed in many parts of India. The symbolic meaning is to ensure that the given donation is not easily divisible signifying a lasting bond between the gift giver and receiver. If such exchanges of Cash happens between Families that are in a marriage alliance, the significance is seen as uniting families with lasting love and affection.

– Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Iowa

Together with their members and their board, HTCC raised over $9,041 to support Food Bank of Iowa, which provides 36,164 meals to Iowans facing food insecurity. HTCC Board Treasurer, Sravan M. shared, “Our center has been in existence for over 15 years, opened in 2003. We (HTCC) thank our members in contributing to this drive. This is our first to do this kind of drive, and we are very glad that we as a group could make this difference in the community.”

From all of us at Food Bank of Iowa – thank you to the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Iowa for making a difference and helping us works towards our vision of a hunger-free Iowa!