FBOI 165 Blog#2

Becket, Bella and Elijah are about to start a new school year, and a community of support is going with each one of them. That’s why the kids’ mother, Jamie, is so grateful for friends like you this fall. 

 “Times like this, it’s really needed, seriously,” Jamie says of your generosity. “I’m grateful for it.” 

We met Jamie and twins Becket and Bella, 7, and Elijah, 8, at a Food Bank of Iowa partner food pantry where Jamie was picking up nutritious food for her family. 

“I love to cook,” Jamie says, though her children prefer simple foods rather than her ‘gourmet’ dishes. 

Jamie shares that she previously owned her own small business but was forced to shut down during the pandemic. Now, she and the kids live with family while she works to get back on her feet.  

Recently, she got a car and is trying to find a new job. In the meantime, Jamie says the food her family receives from the food pantry is a big relief. She is grateful for “amazing people” like you who make this important resource available. 

“There’s a lot of support here,” she says. 

Thank you for choosing to partner with Food Bank of Iowa today to take hunger off the table for families and individuals this fall!