Ed’s gift of fun

Ed Van Hemert can sum up his volunteer experience with Food Bank of Iowa in one word — fun!   “I always have fun when I go volunteer,” says Ed.  Of course, Ed also happens to get a lot done. He…


You help during hard times

Charla is known in her community as “a worker,” which is why she was devastated to recently lose her job. She is grateful her partner is employed and her extended family of eight are all “pretty healthy,” but it is…


You fuel families

Juan moved his entire family to Iowa for the promise of a new job. When that promise wasn’t met, friends like you stepped up to make sure his family has enough food on the table — and a supportive community.  …


You’re making holidays brighter

Kathy and her husband, Terry, are making this holiday season all about family — something you help make possible through your generous partnership.  We met Kathy and her youngest son at Pella Community Food Shelf, a Food Bank of Iowa partner.


A challenging season ahead

Food Bank of Iowa partner pantries served more than 191,000 individuals in 55 counties last month, an all-time high. The situation in Iowa mirrors a new USDA report which found millions more nationwide didn't have enough to eat in 2022, the largest one-year increase in 14 years.


You give neighbors hope

Stephen is a hardworking father who does everything in his power to provide for his two sons, ages 12 and 15. Thanks to friends like you, he has help keeping nutritious food on his family’s table.  “I love it,” he…


Geri Galliart’s generations of service

Geri Galliart was there when the Pella Community Food Shelf first started and she’s still there today lending a hand of care and compassion wherever she can.   “We started out with two shelves…and it’s just grown, and [keeps] growing and…


You’re fueling our future!

Becket, Bella and Elijah are about to start a new school year, and a community of support is going with each one of them. That’s why the kids’ mother, Jamie, is so grateful for friends like you this fall.   “Times…