Volunteer Spotlight: Colette

Meet our volunteer, Colette! She has been volunteering at Food Bank of Iowa for several years, helping every Wednesday in our Volunteer Center, as well as assisting staff with office filing. Family means a lot to this soon-to-be grandma. Colette…


Thank You from DeAnna

As the pandemic continues to disrupt lives and livelihoods, people across Iowa are facing huge challenges. Among them is DeAnna’s family, who encountered deepening hardship after a divorce made hers a single-income family. “Rent was 50 percent of my…


Volunteer Spotlight: Mia

Meet our volunteer, Mia! She is an Optimized Operations Engineer, she helps to make processes in manufacturing, service, and distribution centers more efficient. Mia utilizes her skills with Lean Six Sigma as a specialized volunteer at Food Bank of Iowa.